Labor organization raises unemployment issue


Bangalore, April 10, 2018: A youth labor organization called ‘Youth For Employment’ has threatened to storm political rallies and ask tough questions on unemployment if political parties do not meet the labor demands they have set in a youth manifesto.

Ravi, a member of the organization explained that the organization has set three demands in its manifesto: secure a crore of existing jobs and appoint a labor commission to create 50000 new jobs; ensure equal salary for contractors and service guarantee up to sixty years of age;  roll back the changes made to B R Ambedkar’s 1946 labor law which will do away with permanent jobs all together.

The organization said they are unhappy with the unilateral outlook of the political parties campaigning for the upcoming Karnataka assembly elections.  They are calling on the parties to take employment more seriously and also put out a youth manifesto with a focus on jobs.

If the political parties do not respond, teams of members from the organization will attend rallies of Narendra Modi and Siddaramaiah to ask tough questions on unemployment.

Vashu, a member of the organization said “We have been struggling for almost a year and in June we registered our first referendum and we asked them to create jobs, but they didn’t do that. Now we have brought out the youth manifesto and we are asking them to come up with proper jobs. There is a separate section for startups also.”

Youth for Employment said more than 95 lakh people are struggling to find jobs and every year the number goes up by around 8 lakh.

The organization said they have more than 15,000 people working under them. And now they are waiting for parties to come up with solutions and then only they will decide to vote.

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