IPL fans prefer cheap merchandise over the branded

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With Indian Premier League (IPL) season currently on, fans flock to hoard on goodies

Bangalore, April 13, 2018: The demand for cheap IPL merchandise has increased in the city. Small shops all over the city are selling IPL jerseys of several teams at a minimum price of Rs. 100.

These jerseys are often bought by cricket fans during the day of the match hence they prefer spending less money on it. A cricket fan from Bangladesh, Mr. Kazi Niyaz says that he prefers buying merchandise which are cheap and does not want to spend money on branded ones.

About every shop in Janatha Bazaar has IPL jerseys of teams such as Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Punjab and Hyderabad.

Not only jerseys, but the demand for caps has also risen which is sold for a price between Rs. 50 to 70.

One of the sellers named Salim says that they purchase a cap for a base price of Rs. 40 and sell it for anywhere between Rs. 50 to 70. For the sale of every cap, they earn a profit of Rs. 20 to 30.

Despite this there are certain fans who like to buy branded jerseys from showrooms despite being ten times costlier.

Karthik Reddy, a cricket fan, says that he prefers buying from showrooms because of the quality of the jersey. He also said that it will help owners make profit.

The shop owners from Janatha Bazaar believe that since the IPL season has just begun, there profit will also increase as the season progresses.

-Authored by Conrad Deep Dias and Avijit Dutta

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