In the company of books, and in front of screens

COVID-19 Diary

Aarthi N

Until 10.30 am on March 23, 2020, I had no clue I would be asked to leave for home the next day. Everything happened so suddenly. I still cannot understand how I coordinated with my parents for them to pick me from Hosur, and how I packed and vacated the hostel. Phew! Everything happened so quickly.

Since March 25, every day has been a new day for me. I have no idea what I will be doing next. I either do my college work or sit in front of a screen or read a book.  

The lockdown is teaching me more about myself. I am exploring my interests. One day, I am trying to cook something, at least trying to make something edible. On another day, I am trying to paint — something I have felt I am bad at. I am trying to discover my interests, and do things I was scared to do earlier.

Books and newspapers keep me occupied for the better part of the day. I am currently reading “Once Upon a Time in the Heart of India” by Mark Tully. It is a very interesting book. A single chapter runs for more than 15 pages. The author has described every part of the story and character well, making for interesting reading. The reader gets curious to know what happens next.

I am also reading “The Namesake” by Jhumpa Lahiri. Though I had read it during my under-graduate days, I thought I would read it again. I have a habit of reading more than a book at one time.

It’s been a regular practice at home to sit and watch the news before or after dinner. We discuss what’s happening in the country and world and share our opinions on the same. Arguments are common between my father and me. We end our discussion once one of us validates his/her points. Political news is his favourite subject, and we discuss it a lot.

April is known to be the month of writing. I am trying to write something at least once a week, to contribute to #TheAprilChallenge. I have been part of the challenge for the past four years posting my content on my blog and other social media platforms.

There is so much time to relax and work productively. Though I feel bored at times, I am trying to keep myself occupied with various things. The Capstone Project kept me busy for the first week after I reached home. I edited videos and podcasts and tried to explore all that Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 had to offer. In the coming days, I plan to doodle or paint, and read a lot of books that I have always wanted to read.

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