Economic Crisis: Protests in Srilanka continue

Economy International Sri Lanka

The people in Srilanka will not stop until their demands are met.

Amid the Sri Lankan economic crisis, citizens are protesting and demanding the resignation of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa. 

Buddhi Prabodaha Karunaratne, a Sri Lankan citizen, said, “Everybody in the current government is above 65 years of age. So we demand a youth-led party so that they can understand the problem of the young people.” 

 Food and electricity shortages plague citizens and hospitals are struggling to perform emergency operations. Sherlene Anthony, another citizen, said, “Majority of the population lives on a daily wage basis. The fishermen, farmers, and even garbage collectors live based on what they earn. And when they can’t afford to do that, it’s a big question of how they are supposed to survive in the country.” 

India has extended a line of credit and has also signed several agreements to provide financial help. Experts believe that the ongoing crisis is a result of the government’s wrong decisions. The ban on the export of fertilizers also upset the agricultural economy. 

Dakshina Murthy, managing editor at the Federal, said, “The Lankan economy also depends on tourism, so there was a massive setback (due to covid). Foreign exchange reserves also fell. Sri Lanka is a country that depends on essential commodities from abroad. When revenue is not generating well and exports are happening, suddenly you have a massive shortage.” 

The President has refused to resign under any circumstances. However, the citizens will continue their protests till their demands are met.


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