Compulsory charging point in malls for e-vehicles

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The move is considered to be a boost for e-vehicle market in the city.

By Anil Tiwari

Karnataka government has announced compulsory charging points for e-vehicles at every mall and shopping complex. The move by the government is considered to be a boost to e-vehicle market in the city.

In the inauguration event of  ‘e-Mobility and charging point Infrastructure’ workshop, Jagdeesh Shetter, Minister of Large and Medium scale industries said, “BESCOM will start operation of stations at 12 locations and will also install 100 charging points at 80 different locations which can be accessed by an app in advance to avoid any queue.”

“Karnataka electricity regulatory will make it mandatory for all upcoming shopping malls and apartments to have e-vehicle charging point,” he added.

Gaurav Gupta, Principal Secretary of commerce and industries, Gov. of Karnataka assured the manufacturers that government would help them in building infrastructure and also Research and Development (R&D). He said, “A lot of work has been done by Ministry of power in the field of evolving charging specification infrastructure. Now I believe it has become a lot simpler to charge your vehicle without any concerns which was not the case earlier.”
He further said that the government has identified the need to have an electric vehicle cluster in which there would be space of accumulation. There would be opportunities where bigger companies can interact with smaller ones, he added.

At present Bangalore is one of the biggest markets of the electric vehicle. However, there are only a few charging points in the city. Only 4-5 people get the opportunity to charge their vehicles every day. Commuters said that the government’s step of installing more charging points in the city would help people to charge their vehicles easily.

Mohammad Irfan, an electric vehicle user said, “This is a good initiative by the government. Malls have a lot of free space so it is good if they install charging points there. It is also an advantage for small startups who can afford charging stations.”

“Karnataka is to be the biggest manufacturing hub for developing battery. The government is sending a clear signal to industries for clean powered mobility in Karnataka,” said Gaurav Gupta.


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