Cases of breast cancer have increased in the past two decades


Chances of developing breast cancer increases with age, say city doctors

Bangalore, April 13, 2018: The number of breast cancer cases among women above the age of 55 has increased threefold in the city. Dr. Pawan, Surgical Oncologist of Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology said, “If we talk about the rise in the number, we should know that one in eight women is at a potential risk of suffering from this disease. With the advance in the age, the risk of breast cancer increases. Early detection can help in curing the disease to a great extent. This is caused due to various reasons such as heredity, post menopause obesity, passive lifestyle, improper ratio of consumption of meat over vegetables, etc.”

The menopause therapy called Hormone Replacement Therapy used to treat breact cancer patients may not be safe.  They may cause disorder which includehot flashes. There is no vaccination available to prevent this disease. However, the experts talk about some of the other preventive measures that can be taken.

The president of Karnataka Cancer Society, Dr. C K Shastri informed, “ To prevent breast cancer, spreading awareness, getting regular screening done every year, self breast examination are significant measures to be taken.” The process of detection and treatment is costly and a  major part of the diseased population is unable to get proper treatment. However, several NGOs have appealed to the concerned ministries regarding reconsidering the subsidies of such treatments.

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