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The Karnataka Political Blame Game


Image: ANI


By Jenika Shah

07 Apr 2017:  Social Democratic Party of India has raised allegations against the BJP government. In a recent Press statement, the party said that with BJP in Rule, the atmosphere of fear and insecurity has spread across the country due to incessant hate mongering, lynching, killing suppression of dissent and polarization of the Nation on communal sentiments.

Party’s National General Secretary, Elyas Thumbe in his speech at Bangalore Press Club on Friday said that the party is starting with a National Campaign which will commence on 8th April 2017, and is scheduled to end on 29th April 2017. He said, “The main objective of this campaign is to stop the ongoing ‘Politics of terror’ which is created by all these communal parties.” The Programs would be promoted by various organizations and Prominent Dignitaries.


For the inaugural function of this campaign, they are expecting around 600 to 700 people. State Secretarty Akram Hasan, said "this party is in 20 states and there are more than one lakh members in Karnataka which are supporting the party’s funds. He said; “The funds are collected every year and are released by the end of the year by the Election commission. All our money is in White and the money which is collected by the participations of these members is used for campaigns like ‘The national Campaign’". He claims that other parties in India have funds in crores and most of it is Black money. He said that this year they haven’t yet released their funds to the public but the finance department is taking care of it.

The top BJP leaders have not commented on the issue yet.

G Mariswamy, member of Zilla panchayat (BJP) said, " there are many political parties that each one blames the other. These are all baseless allegations."

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