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SC liquor ban only for vendors on highways


Image Credits: Hindustan Times



By Jaswanth Reddy


Bangalore 06 April: Drivers can still consume alcohol near highways in hotels and bars rendering the law useless.
‘SC order stated that liquor vendors should be permitted within certain distance of highways and finally all liquor licenses for shops and vends, if already issued, shall end by March 31 after which there shall be no fresh liquor licenses issued;’ Said former Supreme Court chief justice to TOI.

According to that statement, the hotels and restaurants can sell alcoholic beverages to its customers even though they are adjacent to highways. If drivers can consume alcohol near highways through hotels, it does not serve the purpose of the ban.
“Senior advocate Lalit Bhasin said to TOI ,‘In the main judgment there is not a whisper about any prohibition on service of alcoholic beverages by hotels, restaurants and bars located close to the highways,’ he said. These, he added, were ‘different and distinct’ from shops and vends, and the two could not be ‘clubbed together.’

The Supreme Court’s order on ban of sale of Alcohol on national highways has been implemented everywhere from the first of this month. But, The Federation of Associations in Indian Tourism and Hospitality (FAITH ) issued a statement on Wednesday, clarifying that directions issued by SC cannot apply only to shops situated within 500 meter of highways, including restaurants and hotels.
The ban on selling liquor on highways is a good decision, but allowing hotels and restaurants to sell will decrease the efficiency of the rule and it cannot prevent accidents from happening” said Shasi kumar, a marketing executive from Kengeri



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