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A Formula that no longer works




By Karen Noronha



Bangalore 03 Apr: The 2017 Formula 1 Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix released its new ticket price for the Main Grandstand making it the most affordable F1 race in the world to attract the lower income group to the event. But is this the only reason for the decrease in the ticket price?

The press conference was held today at the Hotel Shangri-La, Bangalore where the organizers spoke about their plans to make tickets very affordable and free seating on a first come first serve basis at the Main Grandstand.

Tourism Malaysia and Sepang International Circuit have announced special travel packages for the race season so that fans get the best out of their trip in Malaysia. But Malaysia will not host a Formula One Grand Prix after the current agreement expires in 2018.

Malaysian Tourism and Culture Minister Nazri Abdul Aziz said that this is the correct decision because it is more expensive and no longer viable.
M.C. Kavitha, Marketing Manager of Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board of South East Asia and Sri Lanka said, “It is a promotion tactic we do every year to attract people to theevent. It is true that we are not going to have the Grand Prix after 2018, but the price reduction is not related to this.”

In the press conference, Ms Sharmila Nadarajah, Chief Commercial Officer of Sepang International Circuit and Mr Noor Azman Bin Samsudin, Director of Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board spoke about various aspects of the Formula One Grand Prix.

Sharmila said, "We have our own racing team. We use the racing team to develop the young talent, whether they come from Malaysia or other countries, regardless, it doesn't matter. We want to tell people there is an organization that is willing to train your talent. We will train to till the time you reach Moto G3, at least one step before formula 1. So there is very little program that can take you from zero to hero."

She added, "For Indian riders, it is only a matter of time, I think you have got the grass root level there whether you are racing in a normal road or a tea plantation or a proper track, you have got the talent, you have got the facilities, in Chennai you have the circuit, I think you have enough grass root events to put this talent in. So it’s only a matter of time."

"Malaysia has hosted Moto GP for 27 years now including the old and new circuits and location we have only had 6 or 7 Malaysian riders in the past 25 years. There is a need for good circuits and space to train these types of talents," she continued. 

Noor Azam said, "In India there is not much awareness about Moto GP and F1 and most of the crowd are from corporate backgrounds."



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